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201 thoughts on “How to: Alipay Account Sign Up / Set Up and Verification for Foreigners in China 2014

  • Hey there! This is kin of off topic but I need some advice from
    an established blog. Is it very difficult to set
    up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick.
    I’m tthinking about maqking myy own but I’m noot sure where to start.
    Do you have any tips or suggestions? Appreciate it

  • I use ICBC and I have tried it several times with my actual name but its seems not to work

    I even login to check on the ICBC internet platform whether my name is spelt wrongly but its correct.
    Please assist

  • You can’t change the nationality on the page where you can register through email. There’s got to be another way to register as a laowai.

    Or ask a Chinese friend. That always works!

  • anyone can help me? i have a problem in my alipay account. My ID Information Name on Alipay Account not same with my bank card name.. for example my bank name is Lionel Messi and in Alipat Acoount Nmae is Messi Lionel.
    Can i change my ID Information Name on Alipay? because, the bank name and Alipay account Name must same.

  • Hello everyone,

    I have tried this, and it seems like they have slightly changed the registration process. If you try to register with your email you no longer can choose your country. So the next page you cannot choose passport and give you an error when you try to put your name.

    You will now have to select your home country with phone registration, USA, UK etc. You can enter a chinese phone number if you are in China.

    I hope this will help people trying to register…. I have been pulling my hair out the last couple of hours!

  • I cannot get past the first page…i enter UK and 86 and then go ot register with email

    the next form has no country drop down box ?

    so what am i doing wrong ?

  • I tried to follow this, but Alipay changed the UI and for some reason security question and passport field are not there. I got nowhere :(.

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  • Alipay fails to send sms confirmation code to my number 08137655170. I’ve been trying to retrieve my alipay password. Please help if you can.

  • Hi all, I am from Singapore, however I bought this zhifubao card online, but it can only be used for people that have already verify themself. The card is 500RMB, I am willing to sell to you all at SGD90 for 500RMB. This is not a scam, if any of you is interested, can whatsapp me at +65-97532878. As I thought I could use this to top up my alipay account since I am doing shipping services to Singapore and was a good deal.

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    Thank you.

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  • Thanks for the post. The sign in process has changed but I managed to follow your directions and was successful. I used google translate on terms I did not understand in Mandarin. Just copy them and paste them into the translator in a different window.

    Mason Shih

  • just an update, tried to do it this afternoon and the new procedure for verifying/link bank account, it will send you the email regarding the Alipay deposit (less than 1rmb) immediately but will have to wait 1-2 days after you input that amount (2nd to the last pic above).

    1. just want to add one more thing: i ALMOST seemed to be successful in using a US credit card to pay via AliPay to purchase on 1688. here’s what i did:

      1.) i had a taobao account that is linked to alipay
      2.) buy the goods on 1688
      3.) use alipay as payment and it’ll show you QR Code and ask you d/l AliPay mobile app
      4.) scan QR code and login the AliPay app using Taobao account details
      5.) continue to pay, and i entered my US mastercard details. the app detected it as a mastercard fine and requested billing address details (entered US address)
      6.) once i press pay, it sends SMS to my phone with a code i can enter.
      BUT HEREs where i got STUCK either:

      7.) SMS takes too long for my phone to receive (it only gives you 60 seconds), it takes me 5 minutes to receive SMS


      8.) after re-sending the SMS and failing 3 times , it now permanently gives me a “YW_1109” error even without the SMS verification step now. I think i triggered some security thing.

    2. You can not set up a Alipay Account using a US Bank account – only a Chinese bank account! You can however pay with your American Credit Card for most products now.
      Simply use a USA VPN to visit Taobao and it will give you the Credit Card option when selecting to Pay!

  • I’m stuck after step 9. I verified all my details and got the page that says wait 1-2 days for the deposit. I never got that deposit to confirm the amount and I reapplied several times already but still not getting a deposit. I even personally checked my account balance and no change. I really can’t figure out what the problem is. Anyone with the solution please share I’ve been trying to get this account for nearly a month now.

    1. If you did not get the reply it might be because your bank info or the way you entered it on Alipay is not correct – go to the bank, find out EXACTLY how your name is added on your account and in what order – then try again using that exact info.

  • 抱歉,暂时无法操作。 失败原因 系统出错啦。 I have had this problem everytime I tried to apply.

      1. Hi,
        tried now several hundred times to register by email, always got the same error message:


        What I did was registering by Mail, chose a European country as country of origin, entered my mail address and the correct code and submitted, got the error Message!
        Tried several other countries, always got the same error message.
        Thanks for helping me!!!

  • in step number 8 i cannot see my bank name (Agricultural bank of China)….im stuck here. and i hve money in alipay which i cant get access to… Please help..thnx

    1. Agricultural Bank of China I would think is not the best or easiest bank to get this to work with – I would suggest going to open a Bank of China or ICBC Bank Account

  • Hi,
    The above procedure is very helpful.But at the end of this procedure,the following chinese sentences appeared ,i don’t know ,why is that….
    若你想重新认证,请先 撤销本次认证申请。
    But can anybody help me,what i can do about this?
    or what is the next procedure after this ?

    1. Its just saying your Application has been Submitted Successfully and that you have to wait for 2 days for Approval.. You should be able to check if it was successful now…

  • I want to know that Taobao app for phone can just only be used for Chinese? I cannot buy things from phone as they ask Chinese ID. Can anyone tell me how can i buy things from Taobao phone app?

  • This is really helpful info. Can this be setup with a tourist visa? I opened my bank account while on a work visa and currently have a tourist visa.

  • hi, can anyone help me. i tried opening an account with 1688.com but my country number is not in the list . i need assistance

  • *TIP*
    It is possible to verify bank accounts using the foreigner option on phone number registered accounts.

    1. Enter alipay account settings
    2. Your “verification” status will be on the right hand side
    3. Click “verify now” or “now certification” (google translate)
    4. A new page will open. Click the “expatriate” option.
    5. Follow guide starting from step 6

  • Hi, can anyone help me to solve my problem. I have refund in my alipay account but I can’t use it and every time there is a refund they will refund to my alipay account. I can’t register because I have never go to china or have china bank account. can anyone help me to transfer my money back to my local bank ( malaysia ). thanks 🙁

    1. in step number 8 i cannot see my bank name (Agricultural bank of China)....im stuck here. and i hve money in alipay which i cant get access to... Please help..thnx says:

      this will be truely a great help…

  • Hello,
    I have a certified alipay account but now, when I try to access my taobao account, I have a security check page. They ask for my phone number, so I suppose I must receive a verification code my SMS. However, as I never receive anything, I am completely stuck…

    请使用手机号 150****4577 [更换手机]
    编辑短信 YZ194256发送至 106575258196 完成验证

    Can you help me please? What should I do?

    1. Hi,

      You need to send a SMS message from you number 150****4577 with the text YZ194256 to this number 106575258196

  • hi
    i having this problem in step 8. after i filled up everything and confirmed, this came up
    抱歉,暂时无法操作。 失败原因 系统出错啦。please help.

    1. I get the same problem. If you find a way to solve it I am interested.
      Maybe it is only temporary problem but I tried yesterday and today (25/06) and it still does not work.
      I will post also if I find a solution

  • The instructions here work great as of today. One thing, the part where you enter your name now has two boxes. I looked at my bank account and my name was First-Second-Third name but the two boxes on the sign up page didn’t say which was first/last time etc. I guessed it would be as normal for Chinese names ‘Lastname-Firstname’ so put it in that way. However, now in the Alipay account it shows up as ‘LAST-FIRST-SECOND’ which means it’s displayed differently to my bank account.

    Is there any way to change my name so it matches? Or will I have to delete my account and do it again?


    1. I think it might just be easier to start over – now that you know how it will display make sure and add it in the correct order next time then everything else should be good to go!

  • Hi,

    I have done everything correct and added the card number of ICBC (not bank account number) as shown in the snapshot.

    but after few minutes of entering and the alipay website confirming it will trandfer a sum < 1 RMB to my account i now get this error:

    你的银行卡信息认证失败,请更换银行卡重新认证或撤销认证7天后(2015年06月08日)使用原银行卡重新认证, 撤销本次认证。

    Translating it says:

    Bank card information authentication fails.
    Your bank card information authentication fails, replace the bank card recertification or revoke certification for 7 days (June 8, 2015) using the original bank card recertification, revoke this certification .

    am i doing somethig wrong.

    by clicking on revoking this certification i am unsure where it will take me or do i have to start the process all over again ?

    Let me know if anyone faced this issue,


    1. Hi Rohan, Glad you found my guide on how to set up and Alipay account!

      Do you have Internet Banking Set up on that card? Log in to your internet banking and check how your name is entered on the account? The name needs to entered exactly as on the account! Something was not correct and it failed.

      The message states that you can try again by reentering the account info – or if it was correct you need to wait 7 days to try again – but if it was correct it would not have failed…

      1. Hi DieSkim,

        Yes this website of your is very very helpful, the colleagues were always hesitant to use the alipay die to their limited knowledge that it will ask them chinese ID, but i knew that there must be something for foreign nationals too in place and voila i got your website.

        the issue is the error only gives me hyperlink of revoking the certification it does not let me edit the previously filled attribute in tab 1 and tab 2. (that is step 7 and step 8 of yours).. you can see 1, 2,3,4 on top also i guess in your snapshot. i got this error on 3rd now and 1,2,and 4 are freezed

    2. i got the same error exactly but than strangely enough i downloaded the alipay wallet , logged in with the same account and received the 1 rmb transfer to my wallet , i am confused ….. Now i am a bit stuck on how to transfer it back , any help ?

  • Apparently, foreigner option in the first place had been changed. For those who got stuck up in the step no.4… Maybe can use the option from other country… Like just happened to me last night, even tough I live in China, I’m using option Indonesia as my origin country, and put my Indonesia’s mobile number that still active. After I verified my number, voila… I got my security question, and they don’t asked my Chinese character name and Chinese ID number anymore.

    Then I followed back again this instruction… in the middle of the process, they will asked us whether we come from China, HK, Taiwan or Foreigner, just like they asked before in the first place. I hope this can help for those who got stuck up in the step 4 🙂

  • i’m foreign student in china i want to registre to alipay, please could you send me the link for 2015, because i try it more time but the 2 part they show me 真实姓名,and 身份证号码 this, so please if there is another link to put passeport or something else let me as soon as possible.

    there my contact also 13758209044.

    your urgent respond will be hight apreciated.

    thank you

    1. Please see Marks` Comment below, the guide still works fine – you MUST however do every step EXACTLY as shown! You might have started wrong…

    2. Also see Franks comment –

      – Solved this issue. The problem was that I couldn’t use my Chinese number; if I did, it would take me to the “National ID” registration link. I had to use an US number.

      In my guide I say to NOT use a phone number – USE A EMAIL ADDRESS in the very first step – NOT A CHINESE NUMBER!

      1. How do you use an email address? It seems like no matter which country you choose, it asks for a telephone number?

  • Hello,

    Firstly, thanks for uploading these details for opening Alipay account for a foreigner residents in china.

    I have done it almost and just waiting for their confirmation mail and the small amount of money to be transferred to my Bank of china account (0.01 – 0.99 yuan)

    Also i can login taobao account using alipay id.
    thanks again for the great update.

    Welcome folks for any further assistance or help.

  • I haven’t seen an answer to the question about step 4 yet. It now prompts for a name and chinese id. There’s no security question.

    1. You need to go through each and every step one by one as per available. Maybe you are wrong in some steps.

      After 3 failures, finally i did it. Hope you can also manage to open. Re-try with correct way.

  • Hi! I am stuck on STEP 8. My IBAN number doesn’t work at all and the red letters says “Bank card from the 6-25 digits”
    I want to sell products from Europe to China, so I don’t have a visa/Chinese ID. My bank account is also from a European bank. Please help!

  • Step 7 doesn’t happen for me. I click on “立即认证” and it takes me to a “设置身份信息” page, with no option to choose expat?

    1. Solved this issue. The problem was that I couldn’t use my Chinese number; if I did, it would take me to the “National ID” registration link. I had to use an US number.

  • Question on requirement #4: China Bank account in your name with working Log In

    Does this mean I have to register my BOC account first for online banking?
    I tried registering my account online, even talked to one of their CSR but since I’m a foreigner, the steps are tedious and they’re asking me if I could just provide them a Chinese ID number. Is being registered online really needed to open an Alipay account? I have a BOC debit card, will that work?

    1. Yes you need online banking! Go to the BOC branch where you got the Debit Card and get them to open internet banking for you – if the “dont know how” go to a larger branch – its very simple – make sure to get your name exactly as on you bank account as you will need this

  • A tip for anyone who can’t get the bank account transfer working, and is receiving this error message by email: “支付宝向你的银行账户打款失败,请及时登录支付宝查看打款失败原因并重新操作”—in my case the problem was that the name on my bank account was unusual, and you have to enter it EXACTLY as it is recorded by your bank. In particular, the name turned out to be LASTNAMEFIRSTNAMEMIDDLENAME —no spaces, all uppercase. Maybe your name has also been entered unusually. I was able to check this through internet banking with ICBC, the bank I’m using.

  • Hi,

    This is a great post- so firstly thank you!

    But unfortunately, I am stuck on Step 4 because of the requirement of the local name and id card number. For me, there appears three questions- the two passwords and then no security question, but a request for my chinese name and ID. Have I gone wrong earlier in the process? Clicked the wrong link?

    See below for the text of what appears.

    Thanks very much in advance for your help!





  • Hi people 🙂 Sorry if this has already been asked but I’m stuck at Step 4. I’ve entered the 2 different passwords but the last thing isn’t a security question. It is asking for my name and ID card number which I don’t have as I’m a foreigner. Can anyone help please? Thanks!!

  • Hi, I am from Singapore. I am stuck at step 8 as I do not have a China Bank account. Any idea if I can apply for one in Singapore? Or else, am I right to say the shopping is never going to be realised for me if I cannot get this resolved.

    1. Not if you are foreigner. Chinese citizens can use construction bank. I used my ICBC accound and it worked without any problems.

  • Hi!

    I urgently need help. Usually when i want to make payment, they do not require alipay password. But now, they need it.
    I do not know my alipay password and i have a hard time signing up for alipay. I tried key in my taobao password
    but cannot. please do help me. i am from singapore.

  • Ok, for those unable to register because of the chinese ID thing, the screen to chose the foreigner option has changed, so now it looks different than step7 shows, but it’s still there (Apr 15). Since I just went through this let me try to describe it. Follow the instructions to step 7, then you should get directed to this page:

    You get to a greyish page with blue/yellow pictures. The alipay logo is on the top left, below it is a picture with a map of the world, below that three logos: a card, shield, hexagonon. On the world map picture there is a yellow button on the right. Beneath the button you have six options – You need the 3rd option (外..), before the slash or vertical bar. Below the options is a ticked box, leave it as is.
    Then you get directed to a pageto upload your passport scans etc, as described in the post.
    Hope that helps!

  • Hello! Fortunately, i already have a verified alipay account and i am a foreigner in China.
    There is another issue that i just realised tonight. When i tried to use Alipay to buy some service from a foreign website (Astrill) i got a message that because i use the exchange currency i must type my real name and id number. And yes…here we go again. They require a chinese ID number. I guess foreigners cannot use Alipay to buy from abroad, is`nt it?

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